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Changing Habits - All I needed was a Lifeline

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

5 years on - I still credit Changing Habits with giving me another chance at health

I’ve made no secret of my struggles with my weight - and if I’m honest this is a blog post that has been a long time in the making. After all I did promise you I’d write it weeks ago.

Let’s flash back to September 2014: When my ass was glued to the couch as I struggled to breastfeed Hattie and (in my head) prove my worth as a woman - she was 5 months old when I had my lightbulb moment.

She had cried for those 5 solid months out of hunger. In September after countless midwife, chiropractor and LC appointments, I was diagnosed with IGT (insufficient glandular tissue.) I was one of the 1-4% who experienced “lactation failure” (can I just say screw that term! - as if I didn’t feel bad enough as it was) I reached out to my mama network to help me feed Hattie through the use of an SNS. Not only did they supply the liquid gold, but one of them gave me the future I had dreamt of my entire life.

In the months following Hattie’s birth my weight ballooned, I was miserable and was probably a prime candidate for postpartum depression. A friend - who was supplying me breast milk for Hattie told me of a protocol that helped her shed the kilos and conceive her 3rd child, after many losses. I was desperate for a lifeline, and she gave me exactly that.

This photo was part of my litghbulb moment - I didn't recognise myself.

If I go back to my Instagram post (which has almost certainly lead you here) you’ll know that last week I was asked a question.

What does Changing Habits mean to you? I waffled on with some sort of convoluted response, but now if I come to think of it properly. Changing Habits was my lifeline.

Once I’d come to terms with my IGT diagnosis, I had the chance to put my health first. My chance to finally look in the mirror and see the woman I always imagined I would staring back at me. A chance to make myself a priority.

The Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol gave me that new life, and it gave me the dream I never thought possible. It helped me lose over 40 kilograms - and keep it off forever. Something I was never able to before with any diet (and trust me I tried them all). It showed me just how healthful and full of energy I could feel, and it ignited a passion for health in me that was bigger then anything I’d felt before. Changing Habits gave me a second chance at the body and life I always wanted.

It took me 10 months and several rounds on the Protocol to lose the weight, but in my lifetime that time is a drop in the ocean. My heaviest ever weight was 125kg and my smallest was 62, but I now sit comfortably at 67kg

I’ve been asked so many times if I’ve had gastric bypass surgery - the answer to that is still no. I have never gone under the knife, it was all sheer hard work and dedication, but I did have help in the form of the Protocol. After talking it through with Tim and seeing the real results that could be achieved I decided to order my 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol pack.

After reading the eBook (and I’ll admit to being a little daunted) I got to work in ridding my pantry from inflammatory foods that had been my crutch for so long. Energised by the promise of a healthful future I set to work. Over the weeks and months I watched the weight fall off and the number on the scale roll back. I saw numbers that I hadn’t seen in years, and nearly 5 years on I’m still stable within my new normal weight range,but most of all - I’m healthy.

Why am I finally opening up about my weight loss and health journey now? It’s simple really. I want to share with you my success story. I want you to have your own success story and I want to be there along side you cheering you on.

I've finally got the energy to live the life I always imagined I would.

As if your own health wasn’t motivation enough to get you started on your journey, right now the incredible team at Changing Habits is also giving 1 lucky customer the chance to walk about with a BRAND NEW CAR OR $20,000 in CASH. To receive an entry into the draw all you need to do is spend over $150.

The Protocol is first and foremost an education into the foods and products that have resulted in ongoing weight issues, gradual diseases and sub-optimal health. Through the Protocol you’ll be able to remove stubborn stored fat and change your body’s sensitivity to Leptin, the master hormone for appetite, fat deposits, sugar cravings, fertility and metabolism. When you begin to learn the difference between marketing hype and what can actually improve your health, everything changes.

What a stunner - The car obviously! And it could be yours!!

Changing Habits will help you gain an understanding of your body’s specific needs, what foods will actually help improve your overall health, and ultimately help you lose weight in a healthy way while helping you to increase your energy and well-being.


The Protocol is divided into 4 Phases — each with their own focus and overall objective. For each phase, you’ll receive an easy to follow step-by-step guide, delivered via our online program or the hard-copy booklet you receive when you order your pack. 

As you progress through each phase you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the changes occurring in your body — to help ensure your success on the protocol. 

You’ll have the opportunity to record your progress using your personal online health tracker page and meal diary. This enables you to keep an eye on the  foods have a negative effect on your health and which foods bring you closer to optimal health.

Throughout each Phase, the Protocol Coaches will be on hand to guide and support you via the Facebook closed group as well as on email.

For more information on their lifestyle program options CLICK HERE or if you're ready to begin your own journey to Health with the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol CLICK HERE to get started!

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