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Dark Chocolate & Walnut Protein Bars

You won't find any long winded blog post here. You know the one - where you have to scroll for 700 years to actually get to the recipe.

Quite simply, these Dark Chocolate and Walnut Protein Bars are too good not to share.

I’ve enriched them with ECS Botanics Hemp Seed Oil to boost my Omega 3 & 6 intake which is important for heart health, cholesterol, blood pressure and so much more!

Highly nutritious and versatile with a fresh nutty flavour Tasmanian made ECS Botanics Hemp Seed Oil (available at your local Woolworths!) is a wonderful addition to dips, smoothies, and snacks. Even better, the oil is gluten free, GMO free and Vegan friendly.

Hope you enjoy!

Recipe (Makes 8)

60g Vanilla Whey Protein

40g Vanilla Vegan Protein 40g Oat Flour

30g ECS Botanics Hemp Seed Oil

15g Black Chia Seeds 40g Almond Butter 30g Rice Malt Syrup (or sticky sweetener of choice)

30g Chopped Walnuts

30g Chopped Dark Chocolate

As required to bind dough

25ml Almond Milk (or water)

Directions 1. Line a shallow 10x20cm cake tin with parchment paper. You'll only be using one end of the tin so don't worry if its not big enough to line the whole thing.

2. Combine all dry powders for the bars in a large bowl.

3. Add wet ingredients to the bowl. As you are adding the almond milk, start with 15ml first, it's always easier to add more then take it out! Using a fork, mix well to combine. Once the mix is forms a crumb, you'll need to use your hands to combine further. The mix should hold together well. If it doens't, continue to add the extra 10ml of almond milk.

4. Add in the chopped walnuts and dark chocolate - kneed to mix through.

5. Press mixture into the end of the tin with a flat surface (I like to use the base of a measuring cup) to flatten into a rectangle.

6. Once flattened, remove from the tin. Your slab should hold it's shape.

7. Cut into 8 bars or squares, and enjoy!

Recipe in Paid Partnership with ECS Botanics

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