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Honest Review of Back to Basics with Nude Nutritionist Lyndi Cohen

What do juice cleanses, fasts, strict Keto, weight loss shakes and severe calorie restriction have in common?

If you said they’re totally unsustainable long term, you’d be right!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried ALL of these. I’d lose weight, I’d feel great about myself. But the one thing that all these diets had in common is that they were unsustainable for me and after about 3-4 weeks of watching, controlling and restricting everything that went in my mouth I would “fall off the wagon”.

I’d end up in a shame spiral, and punish myself for ‘failing’ yet again. A vicious cycle that I know isn’t and wasn’t unique to me as in individual.

I’ve since learnt the key to living a healthful lifestyle focuses on wellness for my mind and my body.

That key is the balance of input and output. Sure it seems simple enough but is it really?

I thought so, until I really sat down and looked at it.

Through my research I’ve come across a lot of different approaches to health and wellness and the one thing that really stands out to me as a long term solution is an approach that is sustainable.

What these sustainable lifestyles have in common is they tend to contain a balance of fats and carbohydrates with the rest of the calories coming from lean protein and with an overall reduction in our total calories consumed. Have I lost you yet?

It can be super confusing - BUT - It doesn’t have to be.

One program that really resonates with me is Back to Basics by popular TV dietitian and best-selling author Nude Nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen. The program takes a holistic and balanced approach to healthy living and demonstrates that eating well and getting movement into your daily life doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Here’s the clincher - it’s not just another diet that promises quick results by unsustainable restriction, there are real, tangible ways to increase your overall health.

With Back to Basics you get access to an extensive recipe database that contains 350+ delicious family friendly meals (Yep! The kids eat with us too, because family dinner time is important in our house) the meal prep time is super quick and easy. Add to that, there are no weird, hard to source ‘health food’ ingredients, and with new content being uploaded weekly, there is never an excuse not to know what to cook!

I even love that if you’re an avid online grocery shopper like me you can add the ingredients list straight into your Woolies cart and have them delivered to your door with your other groceries. (International readers this applies to you too! But your grocery chain will vary).

I really love that Back to Basics also includes a range of workouts suitable for all bodies and levels of ability. Whether you are just getting into movement for medicine, or you’re a seasoned gym goer you can take part in the program’s fun workouts.

I used to think that it was essential to train at the gym to get a good workout, but did you know that one of the top 20 health trends for 2020 are home workouts?

In these quick 5 to 20 minute videos, Lyndi shows you how you can use body weight, tension and general house hold items to get your muscles activated and burning!

My personal favourites are the strength and stability workouts which are done with household items like a chair - you really feel those the next day :P

Let me tell you - mindset matters!

I’ve never been as in tune with my body and mind as I am now and it’s because I’ve been making sure to take the time to check in with myself. Changing my mindset has helped me say goodbye to the tools that I used to rely on for measuring health and adopt new ones that are supportive to my overall mental health. Ushering in balance and sustainability to my lifestyle.

The Back to Basics program offers hundreds of videos and tips to help you get started and support you through this new (for me anyway) approach to a more healthful and sustainable way of life.

I can't recommend the Back to Basics program highly enough!

Heavily focused on wellness and overall health, Back to Basics equips you with the skills you need so that you can free yourself from diet culture for good and live well.

*Paid review in partnership with Back to Basics - all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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